[vcf-midatlantic] Hayes 300bps SmartModem for museum exhbit?

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Thu Jan 30 21:11:29 EST 2020

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> > You should have a commodore modem in the warehouse. The brown one that is
> > 300 baud. It used to be next to the Commodore 64 years ago. It says
> > Vicmodem.
> Those are fantastic (that was my first modem in High School) but they
> have no dialing command set whatsoever.  You had to pick up the phone,
> dial it yourself, then (quickly!) move the coiled handset cord from
> the handset to the VICmodem.
> It was a long time until I got an auto-dial modem, and even then, it
> was a Ventel with an interactive menu so it worked fine with a dumb
> terminal but you couldn't dial from it with a terminal program (or
> UUCP, for that matter).
> It has a firm place in Commodore history but has nothing to do with Hayes.

OK. Commodore 1670 modem, 1200 baud, but better ;)

> -ethan

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