[vcf-midatlantic] Mac G4 Quicksilver -- free to a good home (NJ)

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 21:01:23 EDT 2020

I have too many computers.

This is a Mac G4 "Quicksilver".  I've replaced the (dead) power supply with
a non-Apple supply (with wiring mods to make it work).  It has Ubuntu 16.04
installed on it, because I was using the computer in my guest room, and
guests should have a modern browser.

The case is in good to excellent cosmetic condition.  I'll wipe my account off
the machine and give you the root password, and then you can either use it
as is, or install MacOS 9 on it (or whatever).

It has a 40GB disk and 640MB of RAM.

Here are the detailed specs about OS and CPU:

VERSION="16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xerus)"

bogomips      : 49.81
clock              : 500.000000MHz
cpu                 : 7400, altivec supported
detected as    : 65 (PowerMac G4 AGP Graphics)
L2 cache        : 1024K unified
machine         : PowerMac3,3
Memory          : 640 MB
motherboard   : PowerMac3,3 MacRISC Power Macintosh
platform          : PowerMac
pmac flags      : 00000014
pmac-generation : NewWorld
processor       : 0
processor       : 1
revision        : 2.9 (pvr 000c 0209)
total bogomips  : 99.63

I don't particularly want to ship this as it's big and heavy.
I live in the middle of NJ.  I can deliver it to the Museum
for a tech day, or meet you somewhere in Monmouth or
Ocean county to effect the transfer.

This email is free of malware because I run Linux.

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