[vcf-midatlantic] today's surplus finds

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 04:59:48 EDT 2020

I think the prices are good for authentic parts:

limit 10 per order
Your Price: $7.99
Quantity in Stock 275
BG Part Number: 9Z1509

RCA COSMAC CDP1802ACE Low power CMOS Microprocessor
Introduced by RCA back in 1976 and yet it still continues to have a
very loyal following.
Used in spacecrafts and in many space science programs.

Your Price: $1.19
BG Part Number: 1B1661
National Semiconductor MM5486N LED Display Driver.
TTL compatible.
For individual LEDs, 7 segment displays, or even for relays.
40 Pin Dip. Serial I/O.
Very useful and were very popular back in the mid 80's.
33 outputs that will sink 15 ma. Versatile and easy to use.
Optimized for common anode. With a brightness control.
[it is essentially a 33 bit shift register
with current-adjustable outputs via one pin to a resistor.
It cascades too!]

cheers!  Jeff Jonas

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