Older Dell laptop

Sentrytv sentrytv at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 08:18:00 EDT 2020

I have an older Dell laptop that belongs to a friend.
He has no money so I’m trying to do this cheap as possible.

I’m trying to get an older dell laptop updated to get on internet but it seems a lost cause.

Laptop works great (XP) and current browser loads some pages but can't figure what OS will work well with this configuration.

I’m sure more memory will be needed but I need you find what OS and browser will work well first.

It is PIII 1ghz, 10gig hdd, 256k 133mhz ram.
Nvidia mobile video.

I was thinking Linux, but no experience there.

Any ideas that can allow me to get this done on the cheap?

Mike R.

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