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Wed Jul 22 08:58:09 EDT 2020

I hate to be negative, but if your friend doesn't have the love for
antiquity that we share, a PIII era Dell is not going to serve as a daily
The prices are a little high on eBay because they are starting to come into
fashion as cheap retro-game machines.

The defacto old-machine rescue OS in linux(  Lubuntu : https://lubuntu.net/
) is on the edge of dropping support for the 32-bit processors.
It'll work, but page loading simple things like Facebook and Gmail that
everyday users need  is a bit painful.

If money is an issue, I usually recommend 5-8 year old netbooks running
Chrome for everyday users on a super-tight budget. They can be had from
$80--to-free, depending how important a battery is.

If you're at a real loss, I have a 2012 Acer C710 that I was going to flush
and clean for ebay. I'd be happy to pass it along. (I'm in


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> I have an older Dell laptop that belongs to a friend.
> He has no money so I’m trying to do this cheap as possible.
> I’m trying to get an older dell laptop updated to get on internet but it
> seems a lost cause.
> Laptop works great (XP) and current browser loads some pages but can't
> figure what OS will work well with this configuration.
> I’m sure more memory will be needed but I need you find what OS and
> browser will work well first.
> It is PIII 1ghz, 10gig hdd, 256k 133mhz ram.
> Nvidia mobile video.
> I was thinking Linux, but no experience there.
> Any ideas that can allow me to get this done on the cheap?
> Mike R.
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> My extremely complicated, hand held electronic device.

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