Request for Information on Teletype LPW 300

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Wed Jul 22 17:31:56 EDT 2020

I have been asked by my one of my other volunteer organizations to send out requests for information on the following:
Teletype Model  LPW 300RA  with a Model 1433 paper roll winder.  (Escutcheon was very small. Stamping was light & my eyesight is getting dimmer.  I am assuming I got the numbers right.)
This version of Teletype has no paper tape reader or punch, nor does it have a keyboard.   It is a receiving printer only.It has "BELL SYSTEM" logo printed in the front off the slope of where a keyboard usually resides.
It was used in conjunction with a melt flow furnace at Bethlehem Steel Corp.     It printed out the percentages of content of other elements in the molten iron.
Unknown whether it works,  ergo the reason for information,  schematics, mechanical maintenance etc.
This artifact was donated to the National Museum of Industrial History,  and the historian would like to get it running.Photographs can be acquired upon my next trip up to Bethlehem, PA.
Any info on this item forwarded would  be greatly appreciated.
Bill Inderrieden

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