[vcf-midatlantic] AlphaServers free to a good home

David Riley fraveydank at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 10:07:09 EDT 2020

Hey all,

I’m moving down to Maryland in about a month and the new house doesn’t have quite as much basement space as the old one. I need to thin the herd a bit.

I have two AlphaServers I’d be glad to pass on to a good home; one 2100 (with one CPU, 2GB RAM) and one 1000A (which I think has 64MB RAM, but see below).

The 1000A has a slightly flaky CPU (EV4/266) which might just need to be reseated or might need replacing; it was working fine a year ago, but is now stopping partway through the boot sequence. If you’re able to source it, it can take a much faster EV5 CPU and a lot more RAM.

I have quite a few spare drives for both, which is good because they’re SCSI drives that are starting to drop like flies. The DEC drive carriers are just sliiiightly offset from standard SCSI spacing, which makes it difficult to swap other drives in.

Anyway, I’d love to see these go to a good home; I don’t have time for them at the moment, and I definitely don’t have space for them (the 2100 is the size of a small dorm fridge, and the 1000A is like a double-wide full tower, mostly owing to the space for disks in both; unloaded, they’re not super heavy, but big enough to be awkward). I did fit both of them along with some other servers in the back seat and trunk of a 2006 Honda Civic a while ago, though, so they’re transportable.

Let me know if you’d like them. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it out to the workshop on the 17th, and everything needs to be out of the house by the 14th, so please be able to pick it up from Philadelphia (if someone is willing to store it in escrow for me so much the better).

- Dave

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