[vcf-midatlantic] Trip to Brooklyn to the Gowanus eReycling warehouse + questions

Jim Hart jim at jimhart.org
Wed Jun 3 13:03:13 EDT 2020


In regard to the cable for the KayPro keyboard, I believe that you can use
a regular handset cable from a corded telephone (you know that type that
used to sit on your desk and had have 2 pieces). I seem to remember that it
was a feature in case it was damaged or lost while traveling.  These can
often be had at a dollar store, some of which are open even during the
lockdown since they sell essential items.


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> I watch the list with little to contribute  because unfortunately my
> background is not in IT or similar.  I'm really just a fan a of vintage
> computers and learn a good amount from this listserve.
> I recently traveled to Brooklyn to the Gowanus eReycling center that is
> closing.  This was the place mentioned in previous posts.  It was an
> excellent experience for my son and I.
> I have a few question I hope someone might be able to help with.
> 1.  I got a working KayPro 2x but I did not get the phone-like cable that
> connects the keyboard to the main unit.  I see I can buy one on eBay for
> $15 but wanted to know if there were any other work arounds or if someone
> is selling one.
> 2.  I got a small piece (picture attached) that apparently plugs into the
> C64 port 2.  It is labeled "Petspeed" which is apparently some sort of
> BASIC assembler.  I am hesitant to plug it in without knowing more. Any
> help with understanding what this is and how it works?
> 3.  If you want to check out the video of our trip to Brooklyn and see what
> we found go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogZhSaOk-Cs&t=1s
> David K.

--Jim Hart
jim at jimhart.org

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