[vcf-midatlantic] Virutual VCF West 2020 - call for exhibitors, instructor, speakers

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Jun 9 22:18:11 EDT 2020

Anyone interested in exhibiting, being a class instructor or being a
speaker can send a message to erik at vcfed.org. This is open to anyone in the
world. If you have any suggestions for speakers, etc. please let Erik or
myself know. Feel free to ask me any questions, make comments or give me
suggestions: jeffrey at vcfed.org.

Here is Erik Klein's blurb about the show:
Since it appears that we won’t be allowed to host “large gatherings” in the
state of California for the foreseeable future, it is time to plan for
keeping the spirit of VCF West alive without the physical gathering.

To do that we want to host the same basic format.  Exhibits, speakers and
classes along with the “social” aspects of getting hobbyists together.

The only way to effectively do that is to put as much of the effort in
advance as possible.  That means that contributors are being asked to
“virtualize” their contributions with shareable videos, slide shows, etc.
Speakers and class trainers as well as any exhibitors willing will be asked
to allow for an online Q&A session after the video is aired.

We will also host virtual meetups throughout the day, hopefully with
special guests encouraged to visit at predetermined times.

The entire event will be scheduled for 6-8 hours on Saturday August 1st
with all of the videos due by July 1.

What we will need:

Committed exhibitors to produce 5 minute (+/-) videos of the systems(s)
they would have liked to exhibit.  These should be submitted to the VCF
West team by early July, at the latest. Sooner is always better!

At least a couple of keynote speakers willing to do 30 minute recorded
talks and willing to host a Q&A Hangouts/Meetings call.

Hopefully a classroom teacher or two to do a training video of 15-30
minutes and willing to host a Q&A Hangouts/Meetings call.

Again if you would like to participate in one of the above categories
(exhibitor, presenter, educator) please let me (erik at vcfed.org) know as
early as possible and please get your video done as quickly as possible.

Some video suggestions:

Please have your recording device in Landscape mode.

Introduce yourself and your exhibit to start.

Please ensure that you have appropriate lighting for your video.  Remember
that different parts of the video may need different lighting.  Filming
screens is usually done in a darker environment while speakers should find
as much light as possible.

Audio is just as important as video.  Consider an external microphone, if
possible.  Find a suitable space to do the recording with a minimum of
ambient noise, echo, etc.

If you are speaking while in the video please speak into the camera rather
than while looking away, if at all possible.

Play back your work and make sure you like it before submitting it! Our
editors will clean up some stuff, but we can’t add things that aren’t
there, etc.

I created a sample video.

My raw one is here: https://youtu.be/amSyI3t6JWk

The cleaned up version is here: https://youtu.be/_1GKSVyuLRk

Jeff Brace
Vice President & Board Member, VCF East Showrunner
Vintage Computer Federation
jeffrey at vcfed.org

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