[vcf-midatlantic] keyboard cable for Kaypro

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Jun 11 16:45:13 EDT 2020

regarding: "Trip to Brooklyn to the Gowanus eReycling warehouse + questions"

Someone posted that they obtained a Kaypro 2x but not the keyboard cable 
for it. Jim Hart posted "I believe you can use a regular handset cable 
from a corded telephone".

I suggest caution. Someone with a Kaypro and experience with these 
telephone cords, that one can do as Jim suggests. Or Jim may wish to 
confirm the practice he cites, in his post of June 3.

A counterexample I know of, is the Apple Mac 128K 512K and Plus. Use of 
a telephone coiled cord on THOSE systems, will *destroy* either the 
keyboard, or damage the Mac motherboard. Apple reversed the wiring on 
their keyboard cables; reversed DC voltage to the Mac keyboard is bad, 
very bad. Thus my caution.

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