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> about OT: Color Laser Printer Recommendation
> Dave McGuire posts:
> >  Very nearly universally, ink jet printers are garbage.
> I concur, conditionally. I'd call them disposable. I buy one every few
> years, half price when that model is superceeded. I use them to scan 11
> X 17 documents. Not for printing, the heads clog up!

Yes. I have seen that the consensus is that ink jet printers are not good
long term. I haven't gotten anyone to say anything positive about them yet.

> They die, plastic parts break. I replace it, long after it stops
> printing. I haven't replaced ANY inkcarts, which cost HALF the sale
> price of the printer.  And the new printer has more features than the
> old. Thus: disposable printers. I have an Epson WF-7520 to dispose of
> now; it's busted and clogged of course but still scans.
> My average inkjet-printer+ink costs as a result: about $50/year. New
> strategy: print once/twice a week, see if I can stretch out the
> printing. This will cost me a set of $70 inkcarts to continue; I'm
> several months in.

I know someone else that did the same thing. The cost of ink was so much
that they would just buy a new printer when the ink ran out and this was
about 13 years ago!

> > my main color printer is an HP Color Laserjet 5550DTN,  >  Either way, I
> would not recommend buying one new.
> HP supplies abound on eBay. HP printers work for DECADES. I've used HP
> Laserjet II's and III's until the scanner motors die; that's 1990's
> tech, last used in *2018*. Those, I can fix. Hey: vintage tech! We are
> back on topic! ;)

I've gotten a few recommendations for HP, so I'm leaning towards the
highest rated HP printer by Consumer Reports: HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP

>   My daily B&W laser printer (and my wife's) are both HP LJ 4300's. I
> bought a new old stock toner cart on ebay for $18 *delivered*. My funny
> story: my winning bid on a cheaper toner-cart was canceled, when the
> seller realized their shipping cost was more than their selling price.

I originally was going to get just Black and White printer, but we decided
that sometimes we want color.

> Regards, Herb Johnson

Thanks for your 2 cents Herb!

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