Free to good home: Compaq 486 laptop

Evan Koblentz evan at
Sun Jun 21 22:28:36 EDT 2020

I needed a 486 laptop and wound up with two of them. Keeping one (an 
AT&T), so the other is free to a good home. It's a Compaq LTE Elite 
4/50CX. Works fine, probably could use a new CMOS battery. It has 
Windows 95. It came to me free from another veteran member of this list.

My usual disclaimer: please only claim it if you truly want/need it, NOT 
if you're a hoarder.

Yours for the cost of packing/shipping, or (strongly preferred) meet me 
someplace here in central NJ.

Off-list replies only. I no longer read this list very often.

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