[vcf-midatlantic] Looking for CompuPro CPU-Z

Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 23:05:34 EDT 2020

All –


                Yet another project afoot…trying to get my 8” SA-851 drives working with my IMSAI. My configuration is highly customized using 5.25” drives in place of 8” (and part of two VCF presentations). As a test, I wanted to throw together a small CompuPro system to see if I can get disk images from the Maslin archive working. The only board I don’t have is the CPU-Z board. I have an Interfacer 1, plenty of RAM boards, and the Disk 1 controller.


                Does anyone have a spare working CPU-Z board that they could part with? Even if I could just use it for testing, that’d be great, but I could do a trade also. I have a ton of spare boards and a few other interesting things.


                Please contact me off-list. Thanks!





Rich Cini




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