[vcf-midatlantic] DEC Rainbow 100+

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Mon Mar 2 20:23:32 EST 2020

Hi Everyone,

So we have an absolutely gorgeous, looking almost brand new, completely 
dec'ed out (see what I did there?), DEC Rainbow 100+ for hands on use in 
the museum now in the new business office display.

It currently boots up to MS-DOS and runs the DEC WPS word processor. It 
also seems to have 123 installed, although there may have a copy 
protection issue.

But what intrigues me the most is that the MS-DOS boot disk is E:... C: 
and D: appear to exist, but aren't MS-DOS formated.

So, I'm guessing these might be CP/M partitions for the Z80 processor 
also in the DEC Rainbow. But, the big question, how do we tell it to 
boot CP/M?

And, I understand it can also function as a standand alone VT-100 
terminal. How do we get it to go into that mode? This opens an entirely 
different world of uses once it is rotated out as the "business" 
computer on the business desk.

Oh... most importantly... I had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous smooth 
scroll is.

Thanks much,


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