cincinatti teletype (telex model 32)

Jeff G jeffg at
Tue Mar 3 12:23:29 EST 2020

FYI, not much need to bother with the circuit boards. The meat of it (the
teletype portion) is non-electronic and doesn't really depend on the boards
at all. The phone part on the right was a Telex dialer, and it won't work
with anything you can find today, short of possibly I-Telex.

If you need help wiring, etc let me know as I have a 32 and can send pics.
You'll need a loop supply capable of 60ma, which can even be a 12v supply
just to shut it up while testing/running. Without a loop supply it'll chunk
non-stop. Usually "proper" teletype loop supplies are around 120V DC though.

Jeff G aka Bags

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