[vcf-midatlantic] DEC Rainbow 100+

malcolm at avitech.com.au malcolm at avitech.com.au
Tue Mar 3 23:23:06 EST 2020

> No menu.
> The Columbia link says it could potentially run 3 OSes:  MS-DOS, CP/M-86
> (16-bit), and CP/M-80 (8-bit). That would make sense with C:, D: and E:.

I fired up my PC100-B3 to check this out.  Mine has a single RX50 (Drives A and B) and a single MFM hard drive (RD51/ST412) which is Drive W (presumably W = Winchester).

To select the boot drive:
- Press F3 to get into the setup menu.
- Press "Next Screen" 5 times to get to the "AUTO-BOOT" setting.  You will see something like "W=DRIVE".  
- Press UP or DOWN arrows to cycle through the available options (A, B, C, D, W or ?).  "?" means show the boot drive menu on startup.
- Press SHIFT-S to save the new setting
- Press F3 to exit from settings

You can also press HELP (top row, next to the large DO button) for more info.

If your hard drive (W) is partitioned, you should see a partition selection menu after you select W from the main boot menu.

Hope this helps.


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