[vcf-midatlantic] cincinatti teletype (telex model 32)

Jeff G jeffg at junknet.net
Wed Mar 4 12:25:10 EST 2020

Correct, Model 32 were all TELEX or TWX as far as I'm aware. If it has the
rotary dial with the pushbuttons, there was a weird process for connecting
via TELEX, there's youtube vids of showing the connection process. Telex
lines were not normal POTS lines (took a lot of research to determine that
lol) - close but not the same. Even if they supported dial-up, remember
they're 5-bit 45.5baud which is odd to most computer stuff. ASR33 is much
more serial compatible.

I thought I-TELEX (German) was supposed to properly emulate Telex lines,
but in watching a few videos I see them using the TTY keyboard to dial, so
not sure if that's true anymore, as they mention something about having a
hard time getting modems.

On the loop, I think 20-60 seems to be the range; on my Hal ST-6 (RTTY
teletype unit) it seems to sit idle at 60ma, and I think active bounces
around 20ma, but you may want to verify that (as will I).

>From what I recently read, 12v is usable for local and perhaps fairly short
distance, but anything beyond that needs higher voltage to compensate for
the inductance of the magnets. Some Navy stuff that was "Tempest" grade
apparently used as little as 7v.

I pipe the ITTY stream into the Hal ST-6 to let mine run, and hope that if
I can rig up a better antenna someday I may even actually try RTTY through
it. Would love to find a 15/19 purely for the aesthetics of them!

Jeff aka Bags aka KC3GJX

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