Free to good home: //e Platinum

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Mar 5 20:04:44 EST 2020

For practically and traveling, I'm switching over from my //e Platinum to a Laser 128. The former is my childhood memory, but the latter better fits my grown-up needs! A list member is hooking me up.

Another list member gave me the Platinum for free a few years ago. He doesn't really need it back, so I am paying it forward, as they say.

It works fine and was Retrobrited in 2017 by Javier Rivera. Includes two 5.25 drives (the slim ones), a serial card, extra power supply, and extra keyboard.

Preference given to someone who has a real need for it, not to someone who wants to hoarde -- that's very important to me.

Preference also given for financial hardship, because that was my situation when it was given to me.

Contact me off-list only (evan at

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