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William Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 18:10:32 EDT 2020

Tony Bogan wrote:

> Ethan, it's impossible for me or anyone else to say what will happen or

> even give an educated guess.




> TCF is in 12 days and is still on schedule. Princeton University announced

> today that AFTER Spring Break they want students to remain home for

> two weeks, at which time they will re-evaluate the situation. Spring break

> for Princeton doesn't start until the 14th of March, so exams continue as

> planned so they aren't shutting down early, just taking advantage of a

> in break and extending if deemed necessary. My daughter just called me

> while typing this response to tell me Monmouth University just cancelled

> classes a week early before Spring Break to extend the "down time" while

> the situation is monitored (apparently Seton Hall did the same thing)


This is exactly the kind of thing I am interested in.


> These events are happening more than 6 weeks in advance of when VCF

> East is scheduled, and much can change (for better or worse) in that time


Again, understood. but these days six weeks can go by in a blink for me.


> I'm but one of a group of people who are involved in those process, so

> my comments as such.




> However, I would ask from a personal standpoint that people give us the

> few days for the public response (read: official response) to come out and

> the Wednesday Operations meeting at IA where I can get an update from IA

> on their plans, feelings, etc.


I'm not making any decisions yet, just beginning to think on it.


> Impossible for us to please everyone and accommodate everyone's schedules

> and desires (I've talked to numerous people who are hoping we don't have

> reschedule, and others who think we should right now)


Yes, I understand that it is a tough call.


> All we can do is be upfront about where we are and where we may be going,

> then update as circumstances change.



Bill S.


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