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Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Mon Mar 9 17:47:31 EDT 2020

Ethan, it’s impossible for me or anyone else to say what will happen or even give an educated guess. TCF is in 12 days and is still on schedule. Princeton University announced today that AFTER Spring Break they want students to remain home for two weeks, at which time they will re-evaluate the situation. Spring break for Princeton doesn’t start until the 14th of March, so exams continue as planned so they aren’t shutting down early, just taking advantage of a built in break and extending if deemed necessary. My daughter just called me while typing this response to tell me Monmouth University just cancelled classes a week early before Spring Break to extend the “down time” while the situation is monitored (apparently Seton Hall did the same thing)

These events are happening more than 6 weeks in advance of when VCF East is scheduled, and much can change (for better or worse) in that time frame.

I’m but one of a group of people who are involved in those process, so take my comments as such.

However, I would ask from a personal standpoint that people give us the next few days for the public response (read: official response) to come out and for the Wednesday Operations meeting at IA where I can get an update from IA on their plans, feelings, etc.

Impossible for us to please everyone and accommodate everyone’s schedules and desires (I’ve talked to numerous people who are hoping we don’t have to reschedule, and others who think we should right now)

All we can do is be upfront about where we are and where we may be going, then update as circumstances change.


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>> ...We drafted a public update on the status of VCF East this afternoon. After edits and a VCF Board
>> meeting tonight, it will be posted tomorrow morning at the latest.
> Hi, Tony,
> Thanks for the quick answer on where things stand right now.  My
> concern (and I think it's Bill's as well) is what is the general feel
> in NJ and what are the chances that Info Age will close the site to
> the public.
>> As it stands right now everything is proceeding as scheduled. If circumstances warrant a change, we will change as needed.
>> We already have plans in place if a rescheduling of the event becomes necessary.
> Good to know, but for those of us to are coming from a fair distance
> (600 miles for me), and who took time off work to block out travel,
> we'd like to get an idea if cancellation, by any party, is likely or
> not likely.
> So many tech-centric public gatherings in March and April have already
> been cancelled that it's a fair question.
> -ethan

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