VCF East 2020 Update

Tony Bogan thebogans at
Wed Mar 11 22:48:02 EDT 2020

VCF East 2020 Update

In light of everything that is happening in the US and elsewhere with the current Flu season and Coronavirus, the VCF Mid-Atlantic Steering Committee wanted to update everyone on the current status of VCF East 2020.

As it stands, VCF East 2020 is still scheduled to take place as planned on April 24th, 25th and 26th. 

The Steering Committee is monitoring the situation daily and meets every week for VCF East prep, which includes reassessing our situation for the event as a whole on a weekly basis at minimum, more frequently if needed.

At the Infoage Operations meeting on Wednesday, March 11th, Infoage informed us that they have no plans to close or alter their operating schedule at this time. Like us, they plan on watching the situation closely and will update their plans if and when it is called for. Meanwhile, they look forward to hosting VCF East once again.

We understand that attendance will suffer as a result of the current health situation as some people will choose not to travel or attend a public event at this point in time. Prudence dictates that everyone, especially people in the higher risk groups and those with certain health issues, must do what's best for themselves, and we encourage people to do just that! Meanwhile, we continue to plan on the event taking place on schedule.

In the event circumstances require us to reschedule the event, we will notify all exhibitors, vendors, class proctors and advance ticket holders directly, as well as announcing on our website and all social media.

The VCF Steering Committee plans on hosting a fantastic show in April, but plans sometimes change, and we will change ours if circumstances dictate a change is needed, and make sure you are the first to know.

VCF Steering Committee

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