[vcf-midatlantic] How's everyone doing?

Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:46:42 EDT 2020

I've been working from home for 2 weeks. Things haven't slowed down for me
personally... quite the opposite. We closed all of our doctors offices on
Monday, and they might stay closed through April 20th. Some staff is now
working remote, and we've been getting everyone set up on VPN. If only
people would read the documentation we send out....

Project wise, I've been fiddling with the NCR PC4 I picked up a few months
ago... need to diagnose the RS232 port next. I've also got an HP plotter I
need to get making some fancy pictures...


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> > I haven't been doing much with vintage computing because, although
> working
> > from home grants me an extra 90 minutes of time recovered from not having
> > to do a round trip commute, I find myself spreading my work out over a
> > longer span of hours during the day, taking more breaks in between. As a
> > software developer, I'm not tied to regular business hours like I
> normally
> > am when I am office bound, so I'm basically active during all daylight
> > hours.
> Hey, on this note, I've been working from home with moderate ADHD and,
> more recently, children, for over a decade. If anyone is having trouble
> with focus, boundaries, or other things getting used to WFH, I am
> absolutely happy to walk through some things that have worked for me,
> especially if you are neuroatypical and find that a lot of the popular
> advice doesn't.
> - Dave

Jason Perkins
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