[vcf-midatlantic] How's everyone doing?

Matt Patoray mspproductions at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:06:14 EDT 2020

Holding up OK here in Northeast Ohio,
We have implemented daily cleaning of various items around the house,
such as keyboards, mice, remotes and phones. Also general disinfection of
surfaces with a bleach water solution.
As for the stores, some have paper products most do not, after an initial
rush for meat, bread and milk once the governor started locking things
down, it has calmed down a bit. It has given me a chance to teach my niece
about making bread, in both the easy way (bread machine) and the hard way
(mixing kneading and baking).

I go for a walk every day and do some at home exercises since the gyms are
all closed. Play tech support for everyone in my family who is having to do
stuff from home now. Upgrades and maintenance also happened to the in home
network to make sure there would be a smooth transition.
I have also taken to cleaning up the workshop and the attic as well as
trying to do one project per day or at least start one project per day in
the workshop. I have a tone of those (I'll get to it when I have time,
projects, well now I have time). So far I have refurbished a Panasonic
AJ-D750 DVCPRO deck and installed an SDI interface card so I don't have to
capture digital video through analog ports anymore, other video gear has
also been getting needed maintenance and the capture/editing area has
gotten a much needed organization.  This has helped speed up the
digitization of some IBM S/36 instructional cassettes that I have.
I am also setting my Amateur radio gear up, to that end I am refurbishing
all the gear that has not been used in a while (just ordered some new tubes
for my Kenwood TS-520SE), also just got in the 10-80M dipole and as soon as
it stops raining I will be going up a ladder to mount it form the trees.

I keep informed by watching governor  DeWine's 2PM daily news conference
for Ohio (it is trending as Wine with DeWine), along with other sources
such as NPR and BBC news.

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> Things are rough these days. How's everyone handling it?
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