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>         Been working from home to keep us on the air.  Fortunately, it's
> much easier to keep a TV station operational when you don't have to keep
> the studio spaces running, and more than half of the employees aren't
> generating new trouble tickets.  In the mean time, I've played through Doom
> Eternal which was amazing.  I've also repaired my Heathkit H89's power
> problems which knocked it out of commission on Friday night of

Oh, you know how to fix them? VCF has one in the museum that you could look
at. I'm not sure of its condition as I haven't powered on, but I assume
that it needs some repair or at least TLC.

> VCF East last year.  A TO-3 socket for one of the 5V regulators was
> damaged, and while I was making the repairs the other day, I swapped the
> old linear regulator for a drop-in switch mode supply (also in a TO-3
> package).  So far, I've had good luck with those in a VIC-20 and a 1541
> drive, thus it seemed like a natural choice to reduce heat output in my
> H89.  I've also had way more group voice chats with friends around the
> world these past few weeks, mostly talking about vintage computer topics.
> In this way, a few of us helped one friend through some H89 diagnostics and
> repair which has brought the machine back to life (mostly).  I believe he
> will be using it for his VCF exhibit soon enough.  Last week, I was also
> taking a crack at implementing Glitchbus on the Cactus, but that's been
> sidelined for the moment.  I also took a brief (and isolated) drive out to
> my storage unit last week to drop off projects I don't have space for at
> the moment.  If any of you are familiar with the Votrax SC-01-A speech
> synthesizer chip, I scored a Type'N Talk on ebay recently, and spent some
> time figuring out how to interface with it properly.  It sounds great, and
> I was not expecting to find an entire 6802 based machine inside the tiny
> chassis.I've always got a stack of projects to tackle, so this really isn't
> all that different for me.  We'll get thru this with a little vigilance,
> patience, and isolation. -Alexander 'Z' Pierson

It's nice to hear that you have time to work on projects and to keep in
touch with other vintage computer friends. I plan on getting back on IRC
now that I have more free time than I used to!

Jeff Brace
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