How's everyone doing?

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Sun Mar 29 11:14:28 EDT 2020

Bill I.  here;
This sounds like a group therapy session in a psych ward!   (LOL)
But as the comedian Steve Allen said "all seriousness aside folks". . .   I'll chime in.
We're doing OK here in Brick, NJ.  Wifey and I are doing well health wise. (other than my wife's prolonged physical handicaps)
The north end of town just got our 1'st Covid-19 test site at the Rent-a-Docs walk in clinic, in the parking lot.
Being part care giver to my wife makes it hard to have time to work on fun stuff, however, this down time will give me the much needed time to clear out my warehouses of projects that are just not viable anymore.  Before you guys start drooling, I do not havea lot of surplus CPU stuff.  Most if it is industrial and lab stuff I was going to overhaul and resell.  The stuff is longpast its prime and is ready to be scrapped.  I spent way too much money on rent housing this stuff for the opportune time to work on it, which has come and gone.  Its time to shed the overhead.
Field service work has been put on hold for right now by my clients (I'm in the same boat as Dave McGuire), and my consulting contract with my affiliate in St. Louis will be terminated as of June 1.  So the shedding aforementioned warehouse overhead is a must.  I still have past invoices to submit, so that will also take up my time. (and get some much needed cabbage in the till)
Enough of my tales of woe, (giggling).
When I do have the spare time, I am working on the EAI TR 20 ground buss system for the display rack here at home.  With all the peripheral displays planned (plotter, scope, etc.), a good quality analog ground summing point is required.
I plan on incorporating the Comdyna GP-6 analog mini-computer into the TR-20 display as signal processing. Our unit in the warehouse is in need of some TLC (busted jacks etc.)  If you want to see what a GP-6 looks like, see Bob Roswell's website,and look at the glamour shot pictured. 
F.Y.I. Ray Spiess, founder of Comdyna, is an ex-EAI alum, so the artifact fits in the story line in our analog display.
The other VCF project I got "volunteered" into (smiling) is the Wang 4000 restoration.   I got two of the rack drawers,photographed, documenting each card in the file.  I am working with Rick Bensene of the Old Calculator Museum, who has an immense knowledge of the Wang Calculators and informs me that some of the calculator components are incorporated in the ' 4000.
That project, obviously, has been put on hold until crisis conditions improve.
Best get back to the insanity!
Stay Well Folks;

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