Paper Tape readers from CNC machines

Jeff G jeffg at
Mon May 18 12:44:46 EDT 2020

Hey all, some of you may have grabbed one (or more) of the paper tape
readers readily available on ebay that likely have come from CNC machines.
I was just wondering if anyone has actually made these work?

It seems many of these have a standard pinout/spec depending on what CNC
controller they were connected to.I had one I bought some time ago, a
Sanyo-Denki 2401 model, and it seems this was often used on a Yasnac 2000G
controller, and has a 40pin ribbon cable connection, whereas others use a
50pin ribbon cable (on Fanuc controllers).

Just wondering if anyone has ever gotten one of these running, or perhaps
knows anything about them? I spent a couple hours with mine yesterday and
determined most of the pinout, but I don't know what voltages the power
input should be.

I have a bunch of notes and the data side is relatively simple, its the
control side I'm struggling to sort out.

Jeff aka Bags

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