[vcf-midatlantic] Paper Tape readers from CNC machines

Duane Craps DBC1964 at cox.net
Mon May 18 14:29:13 EDT 2020


The Fanuc unit I have is an old pinch roller unit with a 50 pin connector.

It Uses +24 V0lts and +5 for logic

24 volts seems to be standard for machine tool servos.

Pins 23-24 are +24 Volts

22-21 are +5 Volts

Pins 1-8 are Bits 0-7

Pin 9 is the Data strobe

I think pin 10 is the run/stop but It had a manual switch on the unit 
and used that

I have pin 12 written as ground but am not sure as I jumpered to a 
capacitor on the board

The control signal is high-active so it should take off running with the 
supplies energizes

The other UNIT is an sanyo demki 2702 in an OKUMA case that had a round 
connector to plug into the machine tool.

I put in power supplies and aTeency Arduino clont to convert it to USB

It has a standard 44 pin edge connector on the logic board.

It was on EBAY and I noticed that no one was bidding so I got it for $4.50

I have some pictures but I dont think the list allows.

If you want the signals on the 2702 board let me know.

Good luck.

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