Paper Tape readers from CNC machines

Jeffrey Golas jeffg at
Tue May 19 18:46:35 EDT 2020

Bill, let me know how you make out but it looks like Duane gave you the info on the Fanuc model.

Duane I saw one of those cases on ebay and thought it was cool! If you have notes/info on the 2702 please pass them along, as its likely the same as the 2701.

On the 2701, one side of the ribbon connector is almost completely ground, on the other side pins 1-5 appear to be control (possibly outputs like strobe), the next 8 pins are bits, the next 3 may be Fwd/reverse control, one after that is ground and not sure about the last 3-4. This is a 40 pin connector.

Mine has a seperate screw terminal on the opposite side for power, although it may take 3 voltages, not sure. Motor is 12v but judging by the MASSIVE ceramic resistor it may be set up for 24v.


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