[vcf-midatlantic] Reproduction ADM-3A boards

Garrett Nievin gnievin at silvaire.org
Mon May 25 16:09:39 EDT 2020

I just discovered this gentleman on Youtube, after finishing my own
ADM-3A restoration.  He recently repaired an ADM-3A (and did a nice
series of videos on it), and is now building his own replica boards
with two minor upgrades: a connector to put in a keyboard daughterboard
to replace the original (mine has a Hi-Tek waffle) and a connector to
connect to a VGA monitor in case you're not putting it into an ADM-3A
frame.  He spent 7000 minutes entering the design into the CAD, making
it as exactly duplicate as possible, similar to some other
reproductions we've seen.

It sounds like he's planning to do one or two runs depending on demand,
so if this interests you go to the videos. I'm about 6 videos into the
12 so far, and he says the boards will probably come out around 100
pounds UK, and he's checked that all the parts are available and made
minor changes when necessary (e.g. enabling a modern replacement for
the big electrolytic, and slightly smaller heatsinks.



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