[vcf-midatlantic] Fixes and improvements to VCF website

Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 08:39:57 EST 2020

The board was part of the system Jim donated to the museum and that I restored last year. I used my own Gazelle processor to get it working. About a year or so before that (maybe 2017?) someone pulled the board to look at the jumpers for me to compare to the board I got from eBay shortly before. It never made it back to the system.

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*pulls at collar*

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> > I don't know why it produced an error,
> > but you and the unmentioned docent clearly did not understand the
> purpose of that link. It was for subscribing to the VCFed email newsletter,
> which I used to send about once a month, to VCFed's list of several
> thousand subscribers around the world. That's why the link is in the
> website header. The entirely separate link to the Mid-Atlantic discussion
> list was/is only on the Mid-Atlantic group page. So what you "fixed" was to
> kill access to the VCFed newsletter and instead post about the MA group ON
> THE ENTIRE WEBSITE HEADER not only on the MA group page <insert emoji for
> rolling eyes>.
> Evan, as always you’re there with good information. Of course, they
> couldn’t understand the purpose of the link because it didn’t work and when
> you left you did not pass any information about anything to anyone nor did
> you keep any records of consequence on anything. So perhaps a little
> understanding is called for.
> Thank you for letting us know what the purpose of the non working link
> was, that’s helpful information and something we can now deal with.
> While I’ve got you, in another discussion Jim Scheef asked about a Seattle
> Gazelle processor board that’s been missing for a couple years. Any
> thoughts where we should begin looking? Without any records or inventory
> telling us what’s where and who gave it to us, we’ve had to piece these
> things together slowly on our own. As I asked when you and I met back in
> April, Any help you can give would be great in this regard, and
> specifically for the processor board Jim has recently mentioned.
> Thanks in advance for your help with this, I hope to be able to tap the
> wealth of information you have as we continue to get better organized and
> expand.
> Tony

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