Free to a good home but not at the swap meet

Jim Scheef js at
Wed Nov 4 19:43:40 EST 2020

Hello all,
I'm cleaning out my basement and slowly offering things that need to go away. Most items will be free to a good home for everyone on this list. Terms are free, F.O.B. my driveway. In other words, you can arrange for local pickup or pay for shipping. Some large items will be local pickup only as I do not want to deal with the packaging. 
There is one other requirement: you must promise not to flip any of my items on eBay or other venue. Take only the stuff you genuinely want for your collection. Several years ago I gave away a semi-working Lisa 2, so pay attention.

First item will be a CompuPro S100 system. I'll offer it here first once I figure out how to host some pictures. This was a rescue pre pandemic. The guy claimed he had it running "just a few months ago".

Items currently on eBay:
1 - Force dBase Compiler with manuals and diskettes (apparently very rare)
2 - VM/SP System Product Editor Command and Macro Reference manual
3 - General Motors Report on Areas of Public Concern for 1972 and 1973 (some corporate history)
4 - Bugbook I, II and III - TTL Logic projects (1974-5) - set of three books 

If you're interested, send email off list.

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