[vcf-midatlantic] Ken Thompson video

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 10 15:14:50 EST 2020

>>> At least now we know in the future to allow exhibits to open WHILE the keynote is still going on
> Bad idea. The exhibitors would have to worry about the public pawing at their systems unsupervised. That's why I kept a schedule of the keynote and THEN the exhibits, so the exhibitors were free to attend the keynote without fear.

And as many exhibitors were/are your friends and active members of vcf, that’s understandable, and commendable. You were truly looking out for your friends and club members so they could all have a good time.

Things have grown beyond a vintage computer club or group of hobbyists, and in no small part because of your efforts.

However, and as witnessed by just the first few responses, these are adults we are talking about. People more than capable of deciding their own priorities. I have been attending expos and conferences for saltwater fishing/hunting and wedding expos for over 30 years as an exhibitor (sometimes as an attendee) from Baltimore to Massachusetts, over 100 different events at dozens of venues for my family businesses. 

There are constantly major and minor talks/speakers throughout the multi day events, classes and “how to’s” throughout the multi day events as well as exhibits that are open and accessible throughout the multi day events. All happening at the same time.

Often if there is a “Major” personality speaking they will obviously take center stage, but never in my life have I seen one literally cut off mid sentence because it was time for the table exhibits to open.

Except once.

Hell, even when the oscars tries to cut acceptance speeches short the other major stars in the audience start making a fuss to make them turn the lights back up and let them finish, and they aren’t even the main attraction! When the person brought in to TALK wants to continue TALKING to the audience, you let them TALK.

It is standard fare at every expo I’ve ever attended EXCEPT VCF East. I have heard the same from nearly every other person I have spoken to, including everyone on the Steering Committee.
VCF East will continue to change, grow and expand. This is but one of those ways.


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