[vcf-midatlantic] Ken Thompson video

Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 10 15:21:27 EST 2020

> So, how do we break this down?  The VCF East approach is simply that the exhibit floor and keynote timeframes do not overlap, but that means only one keynote per main show day and the full day of classes and smaller subject talks. 

No. That WAS the approach. It is not, at least with the current Steering Committee and Show Runner, the approach any more.

I’m not sure if the original schedule for vcf East 2020 still exists since everything changed with Covid, but we had classes going all three days, speakers, both keynote and round table discussions, going on Saturday and Sunday. Plus more planned.

We have an awesome foundation to build upon that was laid by Evan and all the vcf volunteers. We owe it to them to continue to build on that foundation. As long as I’m on the Steering Committee (and if I am voted back into my current seat this December that timeframe will be extended) I will continue to push for exactly that.


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