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I almost forgot Chuck Peddle.

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>>> Adam and I had DOZENS of people who were flabbergasted at the
>decision to stop the discussion come and complain to us at the
>computer/software store. It was the single biggest complaint we
>received at the event.
>Okay, so let the hardcore nerds, who lack any clue about
>business/marketing, run your next show. I'll make popcorn and watch how
>that goes.
>I brought in friggin KEN THOMPSON. Also, from past years: Brian
>Kernighan, the ARPAnet director, the co-inventor of BASIC, Dan Kottke,
>Ted Nelson, Stewart Cheifet, Bob Frankston, Dave Ahl, Bill Mauchly,
>Bill Cheswick, Maris Graube, Jason Scott, Bil Herd, John Blakenbaker,
>Bjarne Stroustrup, Dave Walden, and Don Eyles.
>Your current showrunner brought the VIC-20 marketing guy.
>Why listen to me? I can't imagine.

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