[vcf-midatlantic] Ken Thompson video

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Tue Nov 10 17:24:24 EST 2020

> Okay, so let the hardcore nerds, who lack any clue about business/marketing, run your next show. I'll make popcorn and watch how that goes

Evan, why so nasty? I thought we were talking about past, present and future and discussing things? I’m curious what business you’ve run and marketed? I wasn’t aware that writing about technology history was a qualification for business marketing but please, educate us poor souls who actually run businesses for a living.

If you want to go there, I’ll gladly do it but I was hoping to keep it civil. Apparently you’re incapable of that.

> I brought in friggin KEN THOMPSON.

Yes, someone suggested Ken Thompson and you made Some calls and emails. Worked out awesome, and we all congratulated you on another great score. But don’t pretend it was your idea to even reach out to Ken Thompson because we know that’s not the case. 

For some reason you seem to believe that pointing out a mistake or someone giving criticism is an attack on you. Had you ever actually run a business you’d know the successful ones don’t always assume they are right, take the criticism along with the acclaim with equal enthusiasm and always listen to their clients’ suggestions, even if sometimes the answer is still  ‘No.’ 

But please, regale me with your business and marketing knowledge from decades of experience.

I’m all ears.

> Also, from past years: Brian Kernighan, the ARPAnet director, the co-inventor of BASIC, Dan Kottke, Ted Nelson, Stewart Cheifet, Bob Frankston, Dave Ahl, Bill Mauchly, Bill Cheswick, Maris Graube, Jason Scott, Bil Herd, John Blakenbaker, Bjarne Stroustrup, Dave Walden, and Don Eyles.

And awesome they were. No one questioned the quality of past keynote speakers, yet you keep using them as a reply to comments about other things. 

> Your current showrunner brought the VIC-20 marketing guy.
> Why listen to me? I can't imagine.

Right, that’s who he brought. You can throw aspersions at whomever you wish and try to belittle whomever you wish. 

Just remember, not only is it pathetic when you attempt to show how good you were by trying to show how bad someone else is, but you can also take all the credit only because you would never allow anyone else to take any control. You belittled far more peoples ideas than welcomed them, at least in the almost 6 years I was with you at MARCH/VCF. It’s easy to say how much better you were than everyone else when no one else was allowed to do the job.

Have a good night, I refuse to stoop to your level in this conversation.


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