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Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 10 19:11:54 EST 2020

There’s obviously a lot to running the show Evan, no one ever disputed that. My point was simple, I’m sorry you missed it, so here it is again.

You keep touting Ken Thompson and throwing it in my face, even though I clearly said it was a huge score and we all congratulated you on it, but in the end it wasn’t even your idea to ask him, period. Did you give credit to anyone else?


Did you physically tie him up and bring him there or did you communicate (obviously successfully by the way) with him through phone and emails? Getting His interviewer was also a great idea, and something multiple people discussed. Again, not just your idea. I’m sure it was an oversight on your part not mentioning that either.

You keep knocking Jeff and belittling him as the show runner for a show that YOU bailed out of only months before without notice to anyone (you quit in a hissy fit on the public list without so much as a heads up to anyone) after you had just said you were at least going to stay till after vcf East.

Then Covid happened, which no one could account for, but we still pulled off a great virtual show. Was great to see all the positive feedback from you on that one by the way. Your positive posts on the list keep coming fast and furiously.

But you keep taking credit for all the great things you did In the past Evan, I’m sure there’s something you did that you haven’t rammed down everyone’s throat at least once or twice.

Context matters, even if it doesn’t matter to you.


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