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Tony Bogan tony.bogan at vcfed.org
Wed Nov 11 05:43:09 EST 2020

Bill, I won’t speak to before I was involved with MARCH/VCF, only since I got involved.

You and I BOTH told Evan at Festivus that he was “giving up his power” with the transition to VCF, a national Board, his paid position etc. You and I even talked to each other about it. Evan said “no I’m not. I’m not giving up anything.”

You and I talked about that as well and we agreed he did not grasp the implications of the changes being made despite our comments to him.

There was no conspiracy at the SC level (I can’t speak for the Board since I wasn’t then and am not now involved with the Board) 

I know, I was there. Evan cleary states, to more than one person, that he “won” his argument with the board about Jeff and oversight. Told a whole bunch of us at Festivus. He gave the Board an ultimatum, he gets his way or he walks (I have the emails to prove it and my response telling him that was a dick maneuver)

So the Board gave him what he wanted and created the Steering Committee.

It was THE STEERING COMMITTEE that argued Evan should be part of it even though he held a paid Executive Director position. We all agreed even though it was not appropriate for a paid executive director to sit on the SC Evan was the man that did most of the work and so should be directly involved in the direction of VCF as dictated by the SC.

I know, I was there and I have the emails to prove it. 

Evan didn’t have an issue until he realized he couldn’t just dictate to the SC what to do and that he was one voice of five,  or one voice over top of everyone else. As we made motions to vote on things he did or didn not want his response, amongst other things, was to tell an SC member to “shove his motions up his ass.” (I paraphrase without pulling the email up, he did say shove, might have said “you know where”)

I have the emails to prove it.

The person he most blames for this supposed conspiracy is the very person who FOUGHT THE HARDEST AND SPOKE THE LOUDEST to put Evan and keep Evan on the SC.

He refuses to believe this even though I’ve told him more than once when we Have discussed it.

Evan refuses to get involved until certain people “give him an apology.” That’s a direct quote.

I suggested back in the spring that maybe he stop fire shots across our bow to help calm things down and then talk about it later as time passes.

You see how well that worked out.

The day before Evan bolted... the day before.....my last conversation with him when he was still saying he was going to leave after vcf East was “why leave? Just become joe member who can sit in the cheap seats and watch others Do the heavy lifting like you’ve had to do all these years. But if you do go, don’t burn any bridges on your way. Because a week, a month, a year from now you might miss it too much and want to come back.” That’s a direct quote.

Next day he nuked his bridges. 

Last point.

I’ve dumped thousands of dollars of my own money into the museum and warehouse. I do it because I can, when I can. I’ve spent countless hours there over the past six+ years, and hope to spend countless more. I’ve donated machines, both to vcf and other groups now too, and I am just an amateur compared to what others have given, including you. So many people both past and present making this group what it is. A shame you feel the need to knock it down now that you’ve “left” of your own volition.

Vcfed is a non profit. What’s Kennett Classic? (Which I love by the way and has no need to be anything but what you want it to be, but you mentioned a business.....more than once..... when discussing vcf)


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