With New COVID Restrictions, Is Museum Affected?

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Thank you Jeff for the thorough explanation.  Once explained, of course it makes perfect sense.

I should have figured this out on my own.

I'm slow in my older years but I get there.

Bill Inderrieden

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It's not likely that InfoAge Museum will shutdown unless ordered by the Governor. Apart from a few occasions that brought in a lot of people at one time such as scheduled boy scout tours or a Jewish holiday there haven't been too many visitors at one time. Visitors have trickled in at a slow pace over the last few months. Also the protocols that we have been using already limit people to 10 at a time in a museum room. So even with the 10 person per room restrictions, InfoAge (and VCF) are already following them and have been following them since re-opening in June.
I would expect that unless there is a order or some problem, InfoAge won't shutdown. They are already following strict protocols such as limiting the number of people, requiring everyone to wear a mask, taking temperatures at the front desk, taking down contact tracing info, hand sanitizer, etc.
It is up to IA to make the call. In the VCF museum we are already limiting people to 10 inside our museum and following all protocols for mask wearing, temperature taking, and sanitizing.
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Indoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 people Effective Nov 23rd:

Outdoor gatherings are limited to a MAXIMUM of 150 people

Now that Gov. Murphy has tightened restrictions, will there be any opening restrictions / hours to Info Age, and VCF?

Bill Inderrieden

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