[vcf-midatlantic] Attic finds :-)

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Tue Nov 24 00:20:16 EST 2020

1 - PT68K-2 loads with OS9 2.3 (I think it's OSK at this point)
3 - I8039 & 8243 <- Wierd, not a chip I typically worked with
1 - NSC8073 Tiny Basic chip
3 - I8052, I think these have BASIC on them
1 - 68020-12 & 68881-12
1 - PEP Eurobus system (68K, 10 serial, 1 LPT, 720K? 5 1/4 Floppy, 20M Hard Disk)
2 - 8088 XT mother boards (?), I never had a DOS system other than my work machines

I have to search for my Hercule Video Card. Not sure where that is. I have found
my other PT68K-2 with Humbug/OS9 roms. I'll need to replace the 48T08 chips or
just drop in 6116 (100 ns) so I can start playing. The PT68K-2 is in an AT case
with an AT Power Supply. It must weigh at least 40 pounds. If the floppy drives
are belt driven then they're useless but I think this is when the first pancake
drives arrived. This system has a 720K 5 1/4 & a 720K 3 1/2.

Anyone know the best way to resurrect an old hard drive that hasn't run in
at least 30 years?

What I didn't find my other 6809 boards or my parts for building those 35
year old boards. I have them somewhere.

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