[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2020 is Virtual ONLY!

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun Oct 4 14:58:34 EDT 2020

I just want to make it clear to everyone that the general public IS NOT
ALLOWED at VCF East 2020 next weekend.
I know that there was some confusion when we used the world "hybrid", so we
are not using that word anymore.
What we meant to say is that we would be on-site at InfoAge running the
operation with administrative staff and a handful of exhibitors who will
show off their exhibit live. Everything will be streaming from our studio
to YouTube.
We will be allowing questions from the internet via Discord and our e-mail
If anyone from the general public arrives, due to Covid-19 restrictions at
the museum campus, we cannot allow them in the exhibit area or the Steaming
Sorry for the confusion. I will be releasing the schedule soon. I'm just
waiting for some last minute submissions before I do that.
The administrative staff did some testing, setup and discussion this past
Saturday to make sure we had everything working properly in the Streaming
Studio. We have the major parts worked out and are in good shape for next
We have a good lineup for next weekend and will be starting Saturday
October 10 at 9AM Eastern time until 6PM. Sunday's schedule will be the

Jeff Brace
Vice President & Board Member
Vintage Computer Festival East Show-runner
Vintage Computer Federation is a 501c3 charity
jeffrey at vcfed.org
cell: 732-759-1783


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