[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2020 Kit Available!

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Yeah, I wish I could've found a socket that worked for them -- I tried
Mill-Max, Aries, and even some vintage QUIP-64 single wipe sockets a friend
had (his business had used the R6501Q in the early 90s). All of them result
in the outer pins getting bent on insertion, and pulled the other way if
you try to remove the R6501Q. I have RFQs/sample requests out to a few
other IC socket manufacturers who list QUIP-64 in their catalogs, but I'm
not hopeful on those either, so we decided to just ship the kit with no
sockets and tell folks to solder them in directly. What's the point in a
socket if it messes up the chip legs going in *and* out, right?!


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> I look forward to the arrival of mine.  Should be an interesting
> experience soldering a quad inline package.-Alexander 'Z' Pierson Sent from
> my pocket telephone
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> 2020 Kit Available! Kelly, your order didn't quite make it onto today's
> shipping list but willgo out tomorrow! Everyone who ordered before 1200
> Eastern time got theirsshipped out today.Hopefully we'll never have to do a
> virtual workshop again, but if we do, Ithink I probably need to aim to
> start shipping kits a month out, even if itmeans some folks put them
> together beforehand.Thanks,JonathanOn Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 3:29 PM Kelly
> Leavitt <kelly at catcorner.org> wrote:> Just ordered mine. Probably won't
> get it on time, but it looks like fun.>> Great job Jonathan.>> Kelly>
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> Available!>> Tindie listing:>>
> https://www.tindie.com/products/glitchwrks/glitch-works-r6501qr6511q-single-board-computer/>>
> forums thread:>>
> http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?73828-ANNOUNCE-VCF-East-2020-Kit-Rockwell-R6501Q-Single-Board-Computer>>
> Nothing like getting something done right before the due date, eh? Work
> has> been crazy and, fortunately or unfortunately, due to a possible
> coronavirus> exposure we self-quarantined for the last two weeks and I was
> able to> finally wrap up the user manual and assembly guide for the 2020
> VCF East> workshop kit!>> This year's kit was intended to fit in with the
> overall 6502 theme of VCF> East 2020; however, I didn't want to do a 6502
> SBC since there's a lot of> good ones already available, and I felt like we
> needed something more> unique. I happened to have some Rockwell R6501Q
> "single-chip microcomputer"> processors, which are a 6502 core with some
> changes in a funky "QUIP-64"> package -- if the plastic Motorla 68000 is
> the "Texas cockroach," this is> the chip package version of a house
> centipede :)>> The R6501Q is 6502 core but adds a few instructions, and has
> I/O and> control registers in zero page. Stack also lives in zero page.
> This> provides a little bit of a challenge in porting existing 6502 code.
> The> EEPROMs included in the parts kit are loaded with the Enhanced Woz
> monitor,> Steve Wozniak's 6502 monitor from the Apple 1 days. We're working
> on ports> of EhBASIC and Tiny BASIC as well. They're not done yet --
> EhBASIC is going> to be a much larger project, but Tiny BASIC is very
> nearly done and should> be available for testing this week. Both can be
> loaded in over the serial> port without reprogramming the EEPROM.>> Anyway,
> check out the Tindie listing for more information, links to source> code,
> and a link to the PDF manual (which has schematics, of course). We're>
> going to try and livestream something during Virtual VCF East this
> weekend.>> Thanks,> Jonathan>

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