[vcf-midatlantic] Looking for some knowledgeable with the Harvard Mark I

Jim Scheef js at sdf.org
Fri Oct 9 19:35:15 EDT 2020


I do not represent to be a resource on these machines but have read many
books on the history of computing. Most of what I've read about the Mark I
was in books with chapters on Howard Aiken or Grace Hopper. I seem to recall
that the Charles J. Bashe/Emerson W. Pugh book about early IBM machines,
IBM's Early Computers (1985), had some information. My memory sort of
distills down to the factoid that the Mark I had almost no ability to branch
in a "program" owing to the instructions being read from a rather wide
punched tape and thus being sequential. I suspect your friend is looking for
more depth, but the bibliographies of these books may put him on the right



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