[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2020 was a success!

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Oct 12 15:32:21 EDT 2020

Yes Martin Thanks for your work and CDL for providing your space to us. I
forgot to add that to the list. I did it during our show, but forgot to do
it here.
Thanks for all the work listed by Tony and Andy.

On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 2:33 PM Tony Bogan <tony.bogan at vcfed.org> wrote:

> I’d like to add a big THANK YOU to everyone at the Computer Deconstruction
> Lab at Infoage!!
> Not just for the use of their podcast studio, but the massive amount of
> work prior to the event.
> CDL has been on a mission to get the campus and buildings on it internet
> access (wired and wireless) security camera coverage (inside and out) and
> to constantly keep updating the infrastructure so all the buildings and
> groups are connected both to each other as well as the outside. Let’s not
> forget the fact that most of the landscaping and outside maintenance along
> with vehicle and equipment maintenance at Infoage is done by CDL members
> too!
> From our new POTS line and voicemail in the museum to the wired and
> wireless internet connections, the ability to now have
> broadcasts/simulcasts within the campus, the list goes on and on.
> While still ongoing (it will never really stop) it was all of these
> things, combined with the CDL volunteers countless hours and days of work,
> that helped to make VCF East 2020 the success it was.
> Add to that their boundless generosity and willingness to give us access
> to literally anything we needed, and this has truly become a partnership in
> every sense of the word.
> When we are on site at Infoage there is really one big group made up of
> VCF and CDL members, not just two groups who happen to be at the same
> location.
> Dan, Martin, Scott, Ray, Wayne and the rest of the folks from CDL, I
> salute you. Much of what we do on site would be more difficult or damn near
> impossible if it wasn’t for your efforts.
> If I may be so bold, from EVERYONE at VCF,
> Tony Bogan
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> > On Oct 12, 2020, at 12:45 PM, Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic <
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> >
> > Phew!! I'm glad to get a day off from work the day after the show. I
> need
> > the rest!
> >
> > It was a long, yet very rewarding weekend. It took a lot of time and
> effort
> > to make this show happen. I enjoy doing the show because I see the joy
> that
> > others get from the show. It was a disappointment for me and many of you
> > that we couldn't do a live show this year. Some people recommended I
> simply
> > cancel, but I refused. I pushed forward to find a way to make the show
> > happen and make it fun, exciting and inspiring. I believe that happened.
> >
> > It was a challenge for me to balance work, other VCF events and my
> personal
> > life for this event. It was very difficult to fit in the time in my busy
> > life. It was also difficult to transition to a virtual show which I had
> > never done before. There was a learning curve for the technology and
> > logistics of doing a virtual show. I had the benefit of VCF West and
> other
> > shows which had gone before me and to learn from them. I also had the
> > benefit of volunteers who had experience in the technical aspects of
> > implementing a virtual show. We still had the inevitable technical
> hiccups,
> > glitches and failures, yet for the most part things went well.
> >
> > Myself as well as others had to learn something new for this show. Many
> > exhibitors learned how to record, edit and render videos for their
> > exhibits. It was a challenge for them as well. Some things I did last
> > minute (like create Discord channels for the show), but I think for the
> > most part things ran smoothly. We learned a lot from doing this show that
> > we didn't think about beforehand (sometimes adjusting on the fly). For
> > example, we learned from Day 1 and made Day 2 better. If we ever do
> another
> > virtual show, we will improve upon it. Also we plan on making a true
> hybrid
> > for next year's show with in-person and virtual experiences.
> >
> > I couldn't have made this show happen without the help of many
> volunteers.
> > I want to thank the follow in helping me to make this show happen: Kay
> > Savetz, Andy Diller, Chris Fala, Corey Cohen, Adam Michelin, Tony Bogan,
> > Bill Inderrieden, Marcus Mera, Jason Perkins, Ian Primus, Alex Jacocks,
> > Jonthan Sturges, Jeff Salzman, Kaz Kuroi, Anthony Bolan, Amiga Bill, Mike
> > Brutman, plus all of the exhibitors, instructors and presenters who
> > submitted videos, answered questions live, and participated on discord
> > channels. Without all of these volunteers this show wouldn't have been as
> > great as it was!
> >
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Jeff Brace
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Vintage Computer Federation is a 501c3 charity
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cell: 732-759-1783

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