[vcf-midatlantic] Upcoming Election For New Committee Members

Dean Notarnicola dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org
Sat Oct 24 23:15:05 EDT 2020

Dear VCF membership,
The new VCF committee structure is nearly one year old, which means that it
is time for our first annual committee member election! The election will
be held according to section 4 and 5 of our published bylaws (copied
below): http://vcfed.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/VCFMA-By-laws.pdf

There are two seats becoming vacant and nominations are now open.

Nominations for committee members can be made by current members in good
simply by communicating the nomination via email to a committee member (adam
.michlin at vcfed.org, andrew.diller at vcfed.org, tony.bogan at vcfed.org, chris.
fala at vcfed.org, dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org)

To be eligible for the election, the prospective nominee must then accept
the nomination by replying in the affirmative to the nomination email. One
nomination per member can be made. Members may also self-nominate.

Nominations close November 26th. An updated list of eligible nominees will
be published weekly.

Voting will commence on November 28th and close at 11:59 pm on December
6th. Winners will be announced December 12th at the annual VCF Festivus

*This is your chance to help steer the direction of VCF Mid-Atlantic!
Nominate someone and vote in the upcoming election!*

Dean Notarnicola
VCF Committee Chairperson

Steering committee membership includes representation of VCF membership, as
determined by the
VCF governing board and VCF-MA sponsored elections.
• The committee membership will be determined by elections to be held on a
yearly basis
(currently December.)
• Committee membership is ideally comprised of five people but may vary due
to various
• Two seats will be up for election in every cycle, unless additional
vacancies create the need
for seats to be filled, in which case all vacant seats will be up for
election in that cycle.
• Nominations for committee members can be made by current members in good
simply by communicating the nomination to a committee member. One
nomination per
member can be made. Said members may also self-nominate.
• In the case of off-cycle vacancies, the committee may move to, without an
election, appoint
new committee members to fill the seats until the next scheduled election.
• A committee chairperson will be appointed by the committee members within
30 days of each completed election cycle.
• Prospective committee members should be knowledgeable in some aspect of
preferably vintage computers, and show a demonstrated interest in vintage
computing history, and museum management and governance.
• In order to be sufficiently aware and have proper perspective of museum
and warehouse
issues, prospective committee members should be able to physically attend
VCF events at least
VCF general membership is open and granted to anyone who joins the mailing
list. Voting rights will be granted to active members who register for the
mailing list no less than 30 days before the election.

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