Xerox 860 word processor rescued long ago

Jim Scheef js at
Sun Oct 25 00:35:41 EDT 2020

Many years ago in the early days of MARCH, I helped rescue a Xerox 860 word processor. The donor was from somewhere in Upstate New York; we met in Danbury and then I drove it the rest of the way to InfoAge. It came with the system unit, several keyboards, and a couple of displays. There may have been a printer as I seen to recall one of those noise shields. This is the Digibarn page so you know of what I speak:

I'm fairly certain this has never been even considered for restoration, but it would make a fabulous exhibit in the museum if it could be made to work again so that people could see the origin of WYSIWYG word processing. So, does VCFed still have this machine? How many pieces can be identified and in what condition? The keyboard with the touch pad will be unmistakable when found.

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