[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Mid-Atlantic Committee Scope

Dean Notarnicola dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org
Mon Oct 26 09:50:52 EDT 2020

We’ve had some questions regarding the scope of responsibilities for the
committee position. As per our recently published charter, VCF committee
members support the operations and advancement of the affairs of the VCF
Mid-Atlantic (VCF-MA) chapter, including the warehouse, museum and
associated events (Relevant sections are copied below.)

The committee serves at the pleasure of, and reports to, the national board
on an advisory level via the current committee chairperson and has no vote
there. However, VCF-MA committee members can, and do, offer guidance to the
national board for consideration.
The VCF national board has ultimate authority over finances, and may
interject in VCF affairs in extenuating circumstances.

Thank you to everyone who has made nominations thus far. We look forward to
seeing even more.


1.      Purpose

The Vintage Computer Federation Mid-Atlantic (VCF-MA) committee (henceforth
referred to as “the committee”) is a regional member organization of the
Vintage Computer Federation whose role is to create and coordinate
execution of strategic and operational plans. The committee is charged with
identifying opportunities for improving the operations of the VCF-MA
chapter, including creation and maintenance of the VCF-MA committee charter.

The committee’s efforts will provide the most effective support of the
ongoing needs of VCF-MA, considering the care and maintenance of VCF-MA
facilities and artifacts, in accordance with VCF’s mission. The committee
may advise the VCF governing board and members on how such efforts will

*Mission*: To preserve computing history through education, outreach,
conservation, and restoration. We strive to accomplish this through family
friendly hands-on activities at our museum, at regional and global events,
and by fostering and nurturing the expansion of our on-line and in-person

2.      Authority

The VCF-MA steering committee is an advisory, coordinating and operations
group for VCF-MA. Committee membership will consist of five individuals who
will have the authority to bring motions and voting on VCF-MA issues. One
of the five members will be named as committee chairperson. If needed,
chairperson duties may be temporarily delegated by the chairperson or the
committee members to ensure continuity of VCF-MA business. The chairperson
or their delegate has the authority to call or delay formal votes and
serves as a tiebreaker when necessary. The chairperson serves at the
pleasure of the committee.

The committee is not directly responsible for VCF national projects,
although it may offer advice or guide the efforts of projects that impact
VCF. The steering committee and its members serve at the pleasure of the
VCF national board.

3.      Responsibilities

The principal responsibilities and functions of the committee are to define
and support VCF-MA goals and objectives, and ensure that VCF-MA initiatives
are carried out consistently and successfully in alliance with overall
operating guidelines. The responsibilities of the committee also include:

•        Provide recommendations on strategic priorities for VCF-MA that
includes a balance of financial and mission goals

•        Develop a specific multi-year roadmap that specifies priority of
objectives that support the VCF-MA mission

•        Construct sub-committees and working groups to work towards

•        Disseminate information to and elicit feedback from the VCF
membership and leadership teams

•        Help in creating specific yearly plans for projects and services
that match with the practices and directions established in the roadmap

•        Provide a focal point and repository for VCF-MA standards,
document existing standards and validate/adopt new standards as determined
by the committee

•        Revise by-laws as necessary as determined by a super-majority vote

•        Other activities as needed to encourage a coherent strategy and
efficient operations

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