[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2021 Theme update

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Oct 27 21:41:31 EDT 2020

After some consideration with the steering committee. I have tweaked one of
the two themes for VCF East 2021. It was a little confusing and limited.

The two themes are now:

*1) The legacy of the IBM PC.*
This means that the IBM PC came out in 1981 and it has a lasting legacy
with clones, and lineage that stretches up to the modern era. This machine
was influential in a lot of ways. Please note that I prefer that everyone
have machines that are before 1995 to keep with the vintage computer theme.

*2) Text adventures*

Side note: Oregon Trail has an anniversary next year as well (1971)

Jeff Brace
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Vintage Computer Festival East Show-runner
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