[vcf-midatlantic] Modem banks

Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 21:28:52 EDT 2020

If you look on eBay now, there’s a modern-ish MultiTech modem rack that literally has 7 desktop modems in it. On the rear of the crate, the DB25 sticks out and they have a power harness with 5.5mm coaxial power plugs.

The one I had years ago was the more conventional plugin card type. Killing myself for not keeping it.

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On 9/1/20 4:39 PM, Kimberley Hart via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Port master 2/e with 30 sportster modems hanging off it. That is how Erol’s
> internet started. They used the spinner racks from their video store to
> hold them all.  I knew someone that worked there a little later, but the
> story was passed down.

   We did exactly that at Digex, we pushed those PM-2Es hard.  In the
beginning we held the modems on rack-mounted shelves, but we had a lot
of problems with overheating,  We initially spaced them out with Legos
(yes, Legos!), but we quickly replaced them with custom-made metal trays
with spacer pins as soon as we could afford to do so.

   (When courting $100K+/mo contracts with datacenter tours, one must
establish credibility and build trust...and one doesn't do that with Legos.)


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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