Commodore 1702 door

Jeff G jeffg at
Wed Sep 2 13:25:12 EDT 2020

Funny story about the 1702 and door. I have a 1702, that at some point gave
away to a buddy of mine. When I gave it to him, the door was missing. Also
to note, I had a box truck I was using for storage at the time, and its
likely the monitor did time in the truck.

Years later, he eventually decided he didn't want it anymore and asked if I
wanted it back, with "h-- yeah" as the answer.

Not too long after that, I cleaned out the box truck to get rid of it, and
lo and behold, I'm not sure where it came from, but I found the missing
door from that monitor.

So YEARS and even owners apart, yet somehow managed to reunite monitor and
door! The door has the typical broken hinge but I used masking tape to keep
it on for now.

The end!

-- JeffG (aka Bags)

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