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Sounds like an Outer Limits episode where the world was taken apart and
remade every moment and sometimes they made mistakes which is why when you
lose your keys you find time in a place that you already searched.


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> Funny story about the 1702 and door. I have a 1702, that at some point gave
> away to a buddy of mine. When I gave it to him, the door was missing. Also
> to note, I had a box truck I was using for storage at the time, and its
> likely the monitor did time in the truck.
> Years later, he eventually decided he didn't want it anymore and asked if I
> wanted it back, with "h-- yeah" as the answer.
> Not too long after that, I cleaned out the box truck to get rid of it, and
> lo and behold, I'm not sure where it came from, but I found the missing
> door from that monitor.
> So YEARS and even owners apart, yet somehow managed to reunite monitor and
> door! The door has the typical broken hinge but I used masking tape to keep
> it on for now.
> The end!
> -- JeffG (aka Bags)

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